Delivery in Cape Town

We are currently filling dead standing trees which are exposed to the elements. This wood is rain wet but not green, and will take a little more love to get going. This applies to only the gum as all the other wood types offered are very dry.

Red/White/Blue Gum (All are Eucalyptus and basically the same) is the most common type of firewood used in Cape Town. It can also be used to braai on (its coals don’t burn down to ash so isn’t great) just don’t tell your friends about it 🙂 

Kameeldoring can be used for both fire and braai wood.

Pine is only for firewood.

If you have any issues with placing an order please mail or Whatsapp (0832857607) us and we can do it old school until we have ironed things out.

Ordering your firewood and/or braaiwood has never been easier.

Book and receive your required wood when it is convenient for you.