Small Print

*Please note that all free items will only be given with orders, when you book online.Failure to actually book you delivery date/time will mean you forfeit your free goodies*

*All free goodies are while stock lasts but website will be updated when/if they will be given with your order .*

*The system wont allow you to book just kindling, firelighters and the other options which are priced per bag.These can only be added onto an order, due to delivery costs.*

*You can decide if we should unpack your wood or if it should be left in the bags(please keep the empties for us and return on the next order).*

*Carrying your wood around the property will only be done, if its 10m from where the delivery vehicle can get to.We can carry it further but it will be an extra cost, depending how far it is.Please speak to the person in charge, who is delivering the wood and he will be able to tell you the amount.During peak season(May-September)there are orders every hour and we can’t afford to run late as the whole days schedule is delayed.Please bear this in mind.You may also add in the notes section of your order, any special requests you may need in relation to the carrying of wood.*

Please note that you may get some pieces of Gum from our milling machine.This is definitely not treated wood and is normal Gum timber ,its just the by-product.It will have straight edges compared to the ‘normal” looking firewood but that’s just due to it being cut and not split.Its all dry and in fact packs neater in a bag and therefore the bag will get more volume in and be heavier.If you would not like this, please stipulate it in your order.

*We thank you for your support*